What you need to know about Web Design and Development

Most of the time when people think about creating/recreating a website for their company they solely concentrate on either web design, neglecting the importance of going into details about development or vice verse. We recognize the importance of two work streams to be executed in parallel and to the best of design and development practices. Design of your website should be user friendly, clean and it should comply with your branding. As for the development, it should be feasible, detailed on the deliverables of the website functionalities at each phase as well as easy to understand any dependencies if any for a client.

However you should also keep in mind that a digital presence consists of not only a website, but other marketing platforms  – all of them should get in line to deliver holistic experience for your clients.

Web Design and Development Strategy

In order to start on strategy for your website design and development there are couple of preliminary questions we would highly advise you to start answering. In order to create one of a kind product that will satisfy visual perception, usability, and the one to become a marketing/sales tool for your organization, we should go beyond discussion whether you need a contact form or a quantity of pages.

  • What differentiates you from your competitors?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What is your organizational structure both for the company and your site and digital marketing efforts?
  • Describe your company culture.
  • Who do you want coming to your site?
  • What is important to these different audiences?
  • Describe each of the audiences, we want to know them and understand them.
  • How is the new site and digital marketing efforts going to properly reflect your company and set you apart from the competition?

Next Steps

  • Do the preliminary analysis of your current state, simply start answering the above questions
  • Reach ou to us any time when you are stuck with your strategy, branding, marketing, and any other kind of questions